Monday, September 5, 2011

More Reviews From Our Friends

More reviews from our great friends and businesses:
Thank you all, you rock!!!

Princess Ava's Bowtique 
I LOVE The Craft Show! Awesome page, great place to find wonderful pages and help grow your business. Many thanks to Tthe Craft Show for the number of fans I have gained. Much love to you guys! ♥
  • There are so many things I can say about The Craft Show. I wouldn't have half the fans I do without this page. However, this page runs even more deep. The Craft Show, no matter how many fans they have, always show loving care for our little businesses. They always respond and qucikly might I add. I feel like we have a friend with The Craft Show. Thanks so much for all you have done and continue to do. We are rewarded daily by your patronage and kind heart!
  • We LOVE the Craft Show!! They are amazing! Lots of fun and great networking opportunities! So glad we found them These silent cruises absolutely ROCK! THANK YOU TO THE CRAFT SHOW FOR CREATING SUCH A WONDERFUL NETWORK :)
  • The Craft Show has a fabulous face book page with over 15,000 active fans, and to top it all they spoil us regularly putting us in touch with like minded people with their great networking parties. Well done The Craft Show ...YOUR SIMPLY THE BEST !
  • The Craft show is a really fantastic resource and really helps out us small time crafters reach a larger audience. It is also an amazing place to find other great crafters! Thank you so much The Craft Show
  • The craftshow rocks, theres always new pages to find on here :)
  • Love The Craft Show!! Had a fun time doing the speed cruise!! gained about 20 today using speed cruise!! Thanks
  • Thanks so much for helping to build my network of fans!! You ROCK!!
  • I appreciate the opportunity to get more fans for my pages. The Craft Show rocks!!!
  • So many new likers to our page...thanks so much for the opportunity to promote our business Craft Show!

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