Friday, September 9, 2011

Friend Appreciation Week 9/9

We continue with "Friend Appreciation Week" here at TCS.
It's been a real pleasure to share what our friends have to say.
TCS loves and supports small business. 
Cathy's Creations of Roseville, MI
"" updating my review AGAIN just to say, THANK YOU! without The Craft Show, I would not have the fan / customer base that I do. I started with you when I was under 100 fans and now I am over 3500 fans. I am a TCS Lifer!!!!! The giveaways, advertising on your blog and so much more, you never stop. MUCH APPRECIATED more than any words can say.
Ms. Veronica's on Etsy
"" I've tried several 'fan' promoting pages but I should have known to expect better from a Craft Community based page - even though there are folks from every industry here. The Craft Show 'parties' have been filled with wonderful folks and the admins do a great job. My only concern now is what to do for my 1000 fan giveaway which I'm sure I will get to soon - Ms. Veronica's.
Atlantic Craft NI ( Willow/ Wood /Glass )
"" I also love this page.... it is so good for connecting businesses, we are fairly new on here... and have found so many fantastic pages amongst the endless fans you have.... keep up the good work...
Izzy Pop Shop
"" The craft show has helped my business grow from 12 up to 230!!!! I couldn't have done it without them. TCS is an absolutely amazing site and such a blessing! Thank you thank you thank you!
Mollie Barrow Kiln-Formed Glass (Spleodar Glass)
"" What a great find! I joined this page just this morning an have already increased my fans by 15. I can't wait to become really involved in the cruises and parties! I've been recommending this site to everyone I know with an arts or crafts business page. Thank you!
Sweet Spot Card Shop
"" My first time on here was yesterday and I am NOT disappointed! Thank you for allowing growth and connections! It's truly appreciated!
Pure Craft
"" Thank you very much for helping me get lots of fans.. when I opened my facebook page I was hopeless and didnt know much about how to reach more people.. Thank you, you help me all the way through :)
"" I'm new to The Craft Show and love it. I've recommend to friends and will continue to recommend. Thanks TCS for all u do. :)
*Gotta Go Wickless*
"" Since I started networking with you, You have not only helped me through tough milestones & helped gain hundreds of fans through your cruises - You have also allowed me to connect & friend many other amazing business owners! And I have met A LOT! ;o) THANK YOU TCS, YOU ROCK!! ♥
The Swanky Peacock
"" Love this page! I've found tons of great businesses and mine has grown tremendously!!!
TCS thanks each and every one of you.
You R O C K !

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