TCS Tips and FAQ's:

Q: What can TCS do to help promote my business?
A: TCS was created with the intent to give your business exposure. We offer a "hub" for people and businesses to come together to introduce themselves, promote their businesses and support each other.
Our Facebook page is open to all small and home based business owners, and shoppers looking for something specific. We have this blog and our website  as well.

Q: Whats the best way to make my fan base grow?
A: Be active. Visit and exchange likes with the pages that are posted on our wall. Everyone is here for the same reason. They want to see you visit them, and want you to exchange likes. The more you interact with others, the faster you will grow. Visit the pages we post for you. If we see you doing this consistantly, you can earn shout outs from TCS.

Q: How can I promote my business on TCS's wall?
A: Simply come to our wall and post your business. We would ask that you visit some of the other pages on our wall as well. Promoting your business isn't just posting your ad, but networking with others as well.

Q: What can I post on your wall?
A: You can post your business, questions for the group, pics of your products, ask for help, tell us about an event or just say hi, etc. Basically we are pretty lenient as to what is posted other than we will not tolerate, pornography, profanity, gambling or slandering of other businesses.

Q: How often can I post on your wall?
A: Again we are lenient here as well. But you should use the rule of thumb "if I can see my previous post when I scroll down, don't post again". Just wait till your previous post drops off the page.

Q: How do I tag my business page?
A: type an @ in front of your business page.

Q: Do you charge for businesses to promote themselves on TCS?
A: No. It is completely free to promote your business on our wall.

Q: Do you have paid advertising available?
A: Yes. We offer additional options to help. Please see "Our Services" on this blog.

How to Cruise with TCS
Q: What is a  silent cruise?
A: A TCS cruise is a networking event designed to help businesses grow their fan bases.

Q: How does the cruise work?
A:-We will announce at random times that we are having a "Silent Cruise" (silent tagging) and what time the sign up list will be posted.

When we post the sign up list, we'll ask you to:
1. Tag @The Craft Show or share the post on your business page inviting others to join the cruise.
*(we require this to see that you are participating and post your page, not someone elses).

2. Then you will tag your business page, using your personal acct. in the comment field of the sign post and list your pages current 'Like' number behind the tag..

3. No other comments are allowed on the sign up list.
*It gets confusing so just the business tags and like number is allowed.

4. Each person may only post once with one business.
*the intent is to exchange a like for a like.

5. Then you will go up and down the list, by hovering your cursor over the tagged business link till a box pops up for that business. Click on like (lower left corner of pop up box). Then like the post after you like that page to let you know you've already done that one.

TCS Tips:
-Click on "view previous comments" to get the pages on the top of the list.
-Refresh the page to see the new joiners.
-Make sure you are actively liking the pages on the list. (don't wait for them to like you)
-Please do not join the cruise unless you are going to participate by liking the others.
If everyone is doing the cruise correctly, you can expect to grow quickly :)