Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Friend Appreciation Week

We continue with "Friend Appreciation Week" here at TCS. We are posting some of the reviews we received from our Facebook page that is approaching 16000 small businesses. Here you can read what they have to say about TCS and better yet, click on their link and go find some fantastic bargains.
Wired Hanger
 should be more than 5 stars! The Craft Show is superb to all others...Like I said before your like the energizer bunny, you keep going and going and going! thank you for everything♥ Not only have we gained hundreds of fans we have made friends with the help of TCS they go above and beyond to accommodate you .. while making you feel like you've got a friend in them!
SL Designs Handcrafted Beaded Jewellery
 The Craft Show is such an awesome networking page! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to promote our business. You are simply the best! The Craft Show rocks!
Measure Me Gifts
The Craft Show has done wonders for my networking! They have been a great support and my fan base has grown so much! And as an added bonus I have found numerous other pages that I love! Thanks so much!
Buncha Bows
I was begining to give up hope until I found the craft show!! My numbers tripled in a week! It was amazing! I cannot thank you enough TCS!! ♥ ♥
Semper Soy Creations
The Craft show has many creative ways to both find things that you want and promote your business, often at the same time! I will definitely be a regular here! Great job and keep it up!! Thanks!
Little Sarah's Charms - hair accessories for your little princess
I love The Craft Show thank you thank you thank you , good job and every question I have you answer with promptness .
Southern Hospitality Photography
You guys are absolutely amazing! I have met some amazing followers through your promoting! I also may have recently booked my first out of state wedding by someone who saw me through your page! Thank you thank you thank you!
Cutesy Stuff
The craft show is FANTASTIC i was about give up and the craft show is the reason i got my first online order! There is no better site for helping you to network and be seen! thanks so much TCS!!
Tennessee Crafter
The Craft Show has worked miracles for our business! With them added to our networking, we gained over 100 fans *in one week*! Plus, it has helped us find other businesses that we love! Thank you so much! A++++
Sweet Cotton Delights
The craft show is brilliant. I have only been on here for a short time and my number of likers are growing quickly. I have come across some amazing pages which I probably wouldnt have found without your help. Thanks xxxxxx
TCS thanks you all from the bottom of our heart.
You all R O C K !

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  1. TCS...you are wonderful and we love your site...you have helped us get tons of new fans and friends :)