Saturday, September 10, 2011

16,000 talented, awesome, super, great, fantastic Friends!

Hope each of you are having a wonderful and creative weekend.

16,000 Facebook Businesses and friends. I'm overjoyed to be associated with so many great small businesses and the people that run them. Amazing! When we started TCS on Facebook about 6 months ago, we never imagined that we would be networking with this many. I remember visiting pages and seeing such awesome work and thinking, "this business needs to be seen by the world". I spent so much time looking at peoples work, posting on their pages and telling them how much I enjoyed my visit. And I remember the very first person to like TCS back. It was Cathy' Creations of Roseville, MI . I was elated that I had a new friend. And still do. Cathy helped us get more friends and to this day is still very active.
And her candles, FANTASTIC! Got one burning as I write this, lol. Great inspiration.

 I am also a fan of Photography, which is why I'm happy that I came across Traci Cottingham Photography . Her work is phenomenal and very inspiring. And Traci has become a good friend of TCS. So many times when TCS was close to hitting a milestone, Traci would be right there to help, shouting us out, telling her friends about us and helping us reach our milestones. Check her work. You won't be disappointed.

 And when we started doing our networking events, our "Cruises", Gloria over at Wired Hanger was on every cruise we had. I could always count on having Gloria to be sitting in the co captains chair on the cruise, supporting every single business we posted. So much fun we had doing those cruises. You must have a look at her jewelry. Its unique and handmade by her and her daughter Erica. FABULOUS!

 As we've grown, many businesses have grown with us. We are so proud to see others grow, such as Lil' Dainty  Divas and Swiddles! Functional Art! . By the way, Ellen of Swiddles makes the best cuppa virtual coffee, mmmm :). A business that makes my mouth water, Creme De La Cake Pops. Every time I visit Joni's page, I get hungry. Other businesses we've watched grow with us, Aimee's Jewelry & Things, Neo-Notions, Columbia River Tile & Stone Inc. , and we have so much fun when Jen, Marjorie and Gillian join us from LIM Media Group Inc..

 There are so many great people behind these businesses. Too many for us to mention here. Although it's been "Friend Appreciation Week" at TCS this week, we want you to know that we appreciate you not only this week but every day of every week :)

Have a great weekend and YOU ALL ROCK !


  1. This post shows how wonderful The Craft Show is! Thank you for all of your amazingly hard work. So proud to be a friend :-)


  2. Reading this reminds me of starting my page and making those first pleas for likes to hit 100 fans. Your page has taken my page to heights never expected. I am so happy that you have the fan base you do, and SO appreciate all the kind words. I believe I have a friend for life. Thank you TCS!