Monday, August 1, 2011

TGI "Monday"

Happy Monday,
 Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Ready to start a new creative week?

Mega Cruise Week was a big hit last week. We had over 1000 on the sign up list and averaged between 80 and 100 cruisers for each cruise. Thanks to all who participated and we hope everyone made lots of new friends and contacts. We return to our regular format this week. 20 page cruises and reward 10 cruisers.

5 Day Cruise Reservation Raffle was also rewarding for the 3 lucky winners.
Baglady's Scrapbook Bound Creations , Luv Bugs Boutique and Gracie and Co all made lots of new contacts. Again thanks to all who participated..

Will TCS hit the mega milestone 10,000 friends this week? We hope so. The more the merrier, the bigger the party and more contacts for our small businesses. We've put a poll on our page asking how you would like to celebrate. Whatever you decide, it's gonna be one HUGE party :) Give TCS a shout out this week. The sooner we get there, the sooner we celebrate.

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Have a great week ahead. Be creative because you certainly have the talent. And you know,

TCS, supporting small business and you :)

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