Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Monday from TCS

Good morning friends!

Silent Tagging
It's been a wild ride since the silent cruises, liking ladders, silent tagging networking has become a rage. Everyone who participates in these are growing quickly. But on the down side, I've been seeing a lot of people getting comment blocked, like banned or even 15 day posting bans for spamming. I'm not quite sure why Facebook feels that this is necessary, but it is a reality. We at TCS are not big fans of silent tagging, because lots of our friends are, we will continue to do them. Afterall, one of the reasons we are here is to help you grow your fan base and gain contacts for you and hopefully increase your sales. Silent tagging definately helps build fan bases, but we are unsure how it helps promote your business. During a silent tagging event, people aren't actually visiting your page and seeing your work. So unless they are coming back at a later time to visit you they may never see your work. Silent tagging has rendered our regular cruises (where we actually post your page and people visit) ineffective. People have opted for silent tagging over the traditional cruises because its fast, less work, less clutter on their pages, etc. Those are definately the pro's. Hopefully we can figure a better way to get your work seen as well. We'll continue to do them and maybe throw in a couple of traditional cruises as well.

Small Buisness Directory
We've add a Small Buisness Directory to this blog. We get a lot of posts and emails from people asking where they might be able to find this or that. With soooo many businesses at TCS it's hard to point them in the right direction. We categorized our directory and will point the inquiries there so they can easily find what they are looking for. It's a one time fee for a lifetime listing.

Since we canceled our Auction/Giveaway due to lack of participation, we've had numerous emails asking if we can do a giveaway. There were enough that we've decided to do it. It will be here on our blog. We'll post the giveaway for one day, interested people will comment on the item and we will use to select the winner. If interested in being a sponsor for the giveaway, please email a pic of the item, a decription and your business link to

Have a great and creative week my friends. You ROCK !!!!!



  1. I prefer the cruises! I removed myself from the silent tagging group because I actually go to the pages and see the items and Like those that I want to support, buy from or refer to family and friends that would be interested. They didn't like that I did that. I prefer 5 likers that buy over 5,000 that don't. I wish I could be your Liker 10 more times! Thanks for all you do for so many. I'll be sending a link to purchase a listing in your directory soon.

  2. Please stop by Gifts By Katherine and link up your giveaway on Thursday. I have a giveaway linky up every week.