Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's the WEEKEND !!!

Hope the start of your weekend is going well and is prosperous for you.

Daily Giveaways
Our Daily Giveaway events run Monday thru Friday to leave room on the blog for TCS to ramble about whatever is on our mind at the moment, so the next giveaway will be Monday 8/22. If you would like to participate by donating to it, we'll need a picture of the item, a description of it and all the links to your business pages, websites, blogs, stores etc.
We'd like to thank:
The Shop Around The Block  and Cathy's Creations of Roseville, MI for donating the great items for this past weeks giveaway. Please visit and see more of what they have to offer.

Post a Sale
We put aside some time on our fb page last night for a "Post a Sale" event. This is where we encouraged you to come and post a picture of an item you have for sale and a price. It was quite popular as we had lots of posts of great items. We'll continue to do this from time to time to give you the opportunity to show your work and who knows, just maybe make a sale or two.

TCS Sponsor Link and Featured Businesses banners
As always, TCS is looking for great businesses to sponsor us We've changed our sponsorship program from a 1 month link to a 6 month link. And our Featured Business banner ads from 1 month to 6 months as well.
Besides having your business visible with a sponsor link or banner ad here on our blog, we do occasional sponsor or featured business shout outs on fb. We want your business name fresh in the minds of everyone.
Details can be found in our Sponsor TCS tab here on the blog.

Our newest promotional endeavor is our Small Business Directory
We get lots of inquiries from people on our fb page and thru email, asking if we know where they can find specific items. So we created the directory and categorized it to make it easy to find what people are looking for. The directory is open to all small businesses and this is where we will refer the inquiries we get. It is a lifetime listing, so once your business is on it, it stays there forever. Details can be found on the Small Business Directory tab.

Yes, we do accept donations.
We put in countless hours on our fb page to promote small businesses to help give them opportunities to make sales. We had promotional packages for businesses that didn't have the time to promote themselves. Although it was successful, and the people who bought the packages grew their fan bases quite rapidly, we decided not to offer these packages any longer because we want to keep TCS on fb totally free. Hence, we decided to take donations here on our blog. There is absolutely no obligation to anyone to donate. Only donate if, 1. you like what we do. 2. are willing and able, and 3. think our service is worthy.
Donations can be any amount, from 50 cents on up, you choose. (please no donations above 1 million dollars, lol ). The button is on the upper left hand side of the blog.

Have a great weekend and the next post will be a great giveaway item from a talented vendor on Monday.

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