Friday, July 29, 2011


Happy Friday to all.

A message from TCS to anyone who loves to shop.
 Its no secret that we here at TCS have a passion for small businesses. Isn't it rather obvious. We put hours and hours into promoting them. I would much rather buy from a small business than a large store. The service is better, it's more personal, more friendly, the product is made with passion and love, and, in most cases the quality is superior.

We are blessed with having thousands of small businesses on display at TCS . Small businesses that create products that you and I buy every day. Products handmade by real , talented, friendly people. Everything from clothes and accessories to candles and soaps. Arts and crafts to jewelery. Photography to food. Baby items to scrapbooking. We have service businesses, as well. From web design to computer repair.

The best thing about these small businesses is the people behind them. Talent just oozes from these individuals. I've had the pleasure of associating with thousands of them. I would much rather purchase from a smiling face than looking across the counter at a large store to a clerk that really could care less if you buy something or not. And, if your lucky enough to get a thank you from them, it's a forced one, lol.

TCS supports small business. We hope you will to. Take a peek at some of the small businesses listed here on our blog. We are sure you'll want to see more. And when you do, come see the almost 10,000 small businesses on our fb page at The Craft Show.


  1. You do small businesses a huge service. Thanks, I am sure most everyone really appreciates it.

  2. Thank you for all you do in helping promote small businesses. I know you have made my fan base grow and Im sure some of my new customers are from that.
    Patty's Crafty Spot

  3. New follower here on gfc and network blogs. Also a fb fan. Thanks so much for all the networking.