Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back in full swing

After a busy Fourth of July weekend, we are getting back in the swing of things at TCS. Back to what we do, promoting your talents.

-We had to take a few days off and didn't have our daily cruises or as many shout outs, but we did have a couple succesful raffles. Our first raffle, the 5x5x5 (5 Cruises, 5 Shout Outs in 5 days) netted approx. 400 new friends for the winner Creme De La Cake Pops and our "Mission for a Day" raffle gave Kid Chic Boutique 120 new friends. We are sooo happy to see businesses grow like this. We will do these 2 raffles or something simular in the near future.

-Now you can add your page's banner to our blog. (see advertising with TCS tab)

-We are changing how we do our sign up list in the discussion tab for our cruises. Originally it has been a continuous list that we just go in order. Unfortunately (or fortunately lol) the list grew to over 1000. So we are going to delete the list every couple days and start a new one. So keep checking the discussion tab to see if there is a new list. We will put a date on the list so you know if you signed up on that one or not.

-Facebook has been warning a lot of people lately about spamming. Some have been comment blocked or posting blocked because of it. This usually happens when people are cruising, strolling, marching, etc. Basically if you go to too many pages, too fast, and post the same words on each post, you may get warned by fb or comment blocked. When we cruise we normally post the next page every minute or two, then we pause after 5 or ten stops. Even though we post the pages at our pace, we encourage you to go at your own pace so you won't get warned or blocked. Don't worry about keeping up as we will pause every so often and now at the end of the cruise with will leave the wall closed for posts a little longer so the list is easier to see.

-We do a ton of shout outs for your businesses. Please make sure to acknowledge us when we send you to a page. It helps us help you. Most do, but we've noticed some haven't been. When we go to the pages we've posted to see who is visiting from TCS, we pick some of those pages and shout them out as well. If we don't see that you came from TCS or The Craft Show, we move on and pick some one that has acknowledged that we sent them. I've visited pages that I've seen on some of your pages, and we always acknowledge where we saw them. It helps network 3 pages instead of 2. Them, us, and you.

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