Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cruise FAQ's and other info

Just a few subjects to touch on today.

Cruise FAQ's:
We'd like to clear up some questions we've had about our cruises.

Q: What is a cruise?
A: A TCS cruise is a networking event designed to help businesses grow their fan bases.

Q: How does the cruise work?
A:   The sign up list is in our discussion tab under"Cruise Sign Up". Reply to that post with your Business Page. When the cruise starts, we will pick 15-20 of the pages from the list to stop by. People cruise to the pages with us and leave a link to their business on that page. Then we reward some of the people that are cruising with us by cruising by their page. We've had some cruises that have seen pages grow by over 100 fans in one cruise.

Q: I cruised along with you, why didn't you reward my page?
A: We realize that everyone loves to have their page "stopped by" on our cruises. But it is impossible to stop by everyone. We've had over 100 people cruising with us on some cruises. Fb starts getting a bit sluggish if we do too many pages.

Q: How do you decide which cruisers gets "stopped by" on the cruise?
A:   We look at who is cruising with us and try to make the first few stops at the newer pages to give our "cruisers" fresh pages to stop by. The reason is that if we post the same pages over and over again we would have a lot of "aaf" and defeating our purpose of helping your fan base grow. 

Q: Why should I cruise along if my page doesn't get stopped by?
A: If you cruise with us your page you will get likes returned from the pages that we stop by. If we cruise 40 pages that could be up to 40 likes returned. Plus your name is on the sign up list. People that can't cruise with us on a particular night, may go back and cruise that list on their own. One thing we noticed about TCS friends is that the ones that are growing the fastest are the ones that are most active, such as cruising with us as much as possible.

We encourage you to come to The Craft Show to build your fan base. A great majority of businesses and people behind those businesses that are using TCS to network, are very friendly and very helpful. When you come to TCS to make a post, whether it be to share an ad, a new product, an event or to ask for help getting 'likes', we would hope that you would look at some of the newest posts their before making your post. For instance, if you are coming to network and try to get new likes(friends), look down the wall and see if anyone else may be asking for the same. Go visit them and exchange likes. We are more than happy to help by doing shout outs, cruises and other events, but it takes work on everyones part to grow. If everyone were to come ask for likes but not visit then the system won't work.

Losing 'likes':
I'm sure that most of you have experienced losing 'likes'. Their is logical reasons for this. One big reason is that in order for our 'likes' number to grow, people must like you from their personal page for it to count. When this happens, every post you make goes on their news feed. So they are actually having a hard time seeing their personal friends posts. People tend to 'unlike' pages because of this. A suggestion: you don't have to 'unlike' a page to stop the flooding of your news feeds. You can 'hide' the posts of the page thats doing it. This way your like still counts and you can follow that page from your business page. 

Facebook warnings:
FB has been issuing warnings to some people for spamming. Why? We think it's because of going to too many pages, too fast and making the same posts. For instance on our cruises. When we post pages to "stop by", we go there and say "cruisng with The Craft Show" and tagging our business pages. FB may consider this spamming and issue a warning. Suggestion: Maybe slowing down a bit while cruising, changing the wording in your posts every few pages we visit, not tagging The Craft Show every time("cruising with TCS" is one way of changing the wording up.) If you do get a warning from fb please take is seriously and don't push it. I've only heard of a handful of people that got these warnings and have actually been comment banned for a period of time. But its no fun when it happens so please be careful.


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  2. Thanks for this posts.. it cleared a lot of things up.. even though I have been cruising for a little bit already.

  3. Hello,
    Im a new fan on your facebook page and have come upon your blog while trying to find out how to participate in one of your events to help my new buisness.
    I would love if you could help me build my fan base. please let me know what i would need to do to join an event.
    Roe's Bows