Wednesday, June 8, 2011

About TCS

Our goal is to help promote the FB pages, websites, blogs, etc of people that work hard creating arts and crafts. Why do we do it? We appreciate talent and creativity.

It is our belief that the best way to promote yourself is to get your page on as many pages as possible. The more pages you join, the bigger your fan base will grow.

We have events listed below that will help build your fan base. It will bring people to your page, but thats only half of the battle. You have to get your business on as many pages as possible. Heres an example of what we are saying: A page comes and "likes" my page. Fantastic I now have a new friend which is great. But, thats just 1 person seeing my work. I go to their page and see that they have 1000 "likes". I put my page there. Now I have 1000 potential friends. The point: If you like me, you see my page. If I like you, all your friends see me. So, again, get your page on as many as you can :)

Heres some events we do to help build your fan base and get you noticed:

The TCS Cruise:Sign up is on our discussion tab. We stop at 20 pages on a cruise. The idea is that everyone on the cruise list follows us, visits and likes the page, then comes back and moves to the next page that we post. A great way to get a good amount of new "friends" in just a few minutes.

Milestone Shout Outs:When we see a page getting close to 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. We will do a shout out to try to help them there quicker. We know how exciting it is so we try to help.

Goal shout outs:People can come ask us to help them reach their next goal. Such as "I am at 175 and my goal is 200, can you help?" Yes we will do shout outs, time permitting and if the request is reasonable. But you should start visiting some of the posts close to your post. Why? Because they are online right then and looking for the same thing you are. New friends to build their fan base.

Mission pages:Almost daily I will pick a page that may be quite far from a Goal or Milestone. Quite far away in my mind is around 50. We will promote this page heavily till the Mission is accomplished. This page is strictly picked at our discretion. But the criteria is usually who we see is helping TCS by cruising along with us, visiting pages we post, shouting US out and being helpful to the group.

We want to help you grow your fan base and get you the exposure you deserve for the hard work you do! But, you have to help us help you.


  1. I'll be the first to post a comment, Hmmmmmm so what is blogging all about? do we read, do we chat, seriously, I have no clue. Have a great day, you ROCK!!!

  2. Sounds interesting! I will be reading, and helping!

  3. Just seen your link to your blog from facebook - now google friend following you, Karima from