Sunday, June 19, 2011

5 Cruise/5 Shout Outs in 5 days Raffle

We are raffling a 5x5x5 promotion for TCS on Facebook. Each $1 will get 1 entry into the raffle with the winner to be determined using on June 26th. The winner will receive a reserved stop on 5 cruises and 5 Shout Outs in 5 days. The cruise stop will be the 1st stop of the cruise, the shout outs during the busiest times of the day on TCS. It will be great exposure for the winner :)

 Use the ChipIn box to the right to get your entry or entries. Good luck and
 lets R O C K!


  1. Bought a couple of tickets :)

  2. Good Morning, and good luck on the 5x5x5 I purchased a couple of entries.
    Cathy's Creations

  3. Thank you Cathy and Marijke :)

  4. I bought a few too. Good luck to all. <3

  5. Great idea! Joni