Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to use the TCS page.

With lots of new friends that have joined TCS on Facebook and lots joining daily, we thought we would try to better explain how to use the page.

First, TCS is about people helping people. We are about getting your business seen by as many as possible. Lets face it, you could be the most talented person in the world, but if no one sees your work, zero sales. So we want to help you get seen by the world.

Build your fan base ("likes" or as we prefer to call them "Friends"). While this IS important, we seem to lose focus on the other half of the equation, putting your page on as many others that will allow you to. Yes its true that you may like another page and they may not return the favor, but its actually their loss, not yours.

Anyway, before I ramble on too much longer, here are some how to's:

Asking for likes or help getting likes....It's perfectly ok to come to TCS and ask for help getting likes. (TCS Tip: you should visit some pages that are posted, as well).

Visiting pages that we are posting....On occasion you will see us posting pages. There are many different reasons we may be doing this, such as, welcoming new pages, trying to help someone reach their goal, or giving them a "TCS nudge", etc. We encouraged you to visit these pages when we post them. We are trying to help them and you. (TCS Tip: we do notice who is participating and tend to shout out the people who are:).

TCS Cruises...Our cruises are when a number of people join together and visit pages. If your page is "stopped at" during a cruise, you can expect to get quite a few "likes or friends" in a matter of minutes".
How to cruise:
1.)When we announce a cruise and create a sign up post, in the comment field of that post, use your personal acct and tag your business page. This will be the list that we use to "stop by" pages.
2.)When the cruise begins, visit the page we post, like it, tell them you are cruising with TCS, tag your business page then return to TCS for the next page to visit.
3.)Remember if your page is stopped by,be kind and return the like from your personal acct :)
Some facts about our cruises....
-some cruises have created fan base growth to pages "stopped by" by up to 70 in a single cruise.
-we've had as many as 80 people signed up to cruise on some cruises. (we can't possibly stop at all of them, but you can still cruise along because you will get some return 'likes'.
-some people sign up but then don't cruise along. While we discourage this, there could be good reasons for it, such as they are planning to come back later and join the cruise. What actually makes the cruise work is the people that cruise along.
-We do go to the pages that have been "stopped by" to see who has said they are cruising along with TCS, and reward as many "cruisers" as we can by "stopping by"  those pages as well.
-we try to make the cruises fun by pausing after every 10 stops and have comments while we rest and catch up :)

"MILESTONE ALERT"......when you see us post a page with this, its because we have noticed or it is brought to our attention that a page is within 25 "likes' of a "Milestone". What is a Milestone? A milestone in our view is a page that reaches 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, etc. We know how exciting it is to reach these numbers and want to help those close to it to reach it quickly so we can celebrate :)
TCS Tip: We ask that if you see a milestone alert to please visit that page and help. You will be close close to a milestone at some point and need help as well :) And, we've been known to give some shout outs to people that help.

Posting on TCS.....We encourage you to post on our page. Post a creation that you have made, post an event you are having, ask the group for help on something or just come by to say hi :). All we ask is that you do not spam our wall with your ads and requests.

A final note...TCS is about people helping people. We have a GREAT group of people here and where else can you get this many helpful friends.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi, I just joined, but I cannot post on the Face Book page? Do I have to email you first?