Friday, January 20, 2012

The Craft Show Top Sites Tips

Tips and info on using our Top Sites list at
The object is to add your website or blog to the list to help get traffic to them. Once you sign up, you will have an admin page where you can add a decription of your site, a banner and your link.

Tip: Make sure you get your banner link and size correct. To do this, go to your site and RIGHT click on your banner. Then click on properties. You'll see something like this.
This is the link to your banner. Simply copy and paste it where it asks for it on your top sites admin page.
Also it will ask for the dimensions of your banner. That info is in the same place you found your banner url.

Tip: Make sure to add a vote button to your site.
This is found on your admin page as well. Its used for your site to get votes so you'll be ranked higher on the list, which generates more traffic. If you can't add the vote button, you can post the link which looks like this: (hint: you can also post your link on fb and ask for votes)

The Top Sites list refreshes every 30 minutes. After you sign up you won't see your site on the list right away. It will show up after the next refresh.
Voting is set up allowing each ip address that votes, to vote once a day. You can also vote for yourself once a day.

We expect a lot of visitors to this top site list, so get on it, get votes and get traffic :)
Hope this helped.


  1. Woohooo I did it :D Aimee's Jewelry Treasures is so first blog button ..hehe

  2. Okay, i just did it, but cannot find my site listed under yours? MP Designs Jewelry. How long does it take for it to be up! Thanks, Melinda J

  3. ok, I think I finally have it set up right. I went from 53 to 25 overnight by redoing my link. even though there is only 2 votes. lol thanks for the help.♥♥have a great weekend♥♥