Monday, November 7, 2011

Help TCS Help You

Happy Monday all. We hope your week is starting out great.

A few notes to get our week started:

We created our Facebook page 6 months ago to give people who own Homebased Businesses an outlet to get their names and products noticed by others. We worked and still work hard to do this. Our page has grown to almost 22, 000 friends. Thats quite a few that see when you post your business on our wall.

Then we created this blog, giving another outlet to spread the word. We've promoted it heavily and tried to do some fun things for people that visit. We want people to come see the great talent and amazing people that we are associated with. The more people that see our businesses, the better chance someone will become a customer.

We've created yet another outlet, our new website It's still new and growing. We are working hard to get it ranked high on the search engines and adding it to other directories. If we are successful it brings a whole new market of visitors to see your work. We've added our TCS Shopping Directory to the site as well. Social Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, are great add ons, but search engines is still tops to bringing visitors and customers to your website.

Besides providing these outlets for you, we also spend time on our Facebook page with our cruises and shout outs to help you grow your fan bases. Rest assured that we are busy :)

We've spent some time telling you how we help, now we need your help. Help TCS help you.

On our fb page, people can post (advertise) their business, products or services. Lots of people do it, 30,000 a month active users according to Insights. All we ask for in return is,
1. when we post a page, is to please visit it and tell them TCS sent you.
(these pages have normally done something special and deserve to be rewarded.)
2. when we provide our cruises, please follow the posted rules.
(100's of people join our cruises and a few won't return the favor and tag TCS.)
3. Comment or like the posts of others. Be active on our wall.
(everyone likes to see comments or that someone has liked their post. It lets them know someone is seeing it.) TCS Tip: Participating by commenting or liking others posts, actually gets you noticed more than the ad you post.

On our website:
1. Visit it frequently, tell your friends about it, leave a review and visit the sites listed on it.
(all of the above helps in the search engine ranking and gets more people to visit. More people to see our work and better chances of finding customers.)
2. Make a donation.
(we could use help to buy advertising and better SEO for the website. Again, to get more visitors.)

TCS is striving to make THE place for shoppers to go to buy from small businesses :)

Have a great week everyone!!!

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